Myung San 韓國鉻鈷合金鑄造零件

韓國Myung San為一專業的特殊合金產品製造商 (鈷鎳合金),產品可用於鋼鐵業(連續鍍鋅線)、造船業、造紙業、化學工業等,耐熱、耐磨、耐腐蝕的環境。

Continuous Galvanizing(Metal Coating) Line

Continuous galvanizing(Metal coating) line pot is the core equipment of zinc coating. In the molten zinc pot, there is a SINK ROLL device driven by LDLE to deposit the steel sheet into the POT, It is a harsh environment in which direct contact with melting zinc causes abrasion due to severe corrosion and driving. We especially produce bearing parts which play the role of SINK ROLL supporters, providing resistance to wear and corrosion.

Power Plant Steam Turbine

Steam turbine components of thermal power plants require high erosion resistance properties due to high-speed collisions with high-temperature, high-pressure steam particles. Our company specializes in producing parts such as INLETS, SLEEVES, SEALING, etc by giving high resistance to the surface of the material by hard facing method.

Petrochemical valve

Valvecomponents in the petrochemical industry are used in extreme wear environments where very high contact stress is applied at relatively high temperatures. Our company professionally produces parts such as WEDGES and SEAT RINGS using the Hard-Facing method, improving abrasion resistance on the surface contacting the material.