POSCO E&C 韓國浦項建設

Company Overview

POSCO E&C is a total construction company founded in December 1994, aiming to become a global E&C (engineering & construction) company based on plant engineering technology, know-how and talented human resources accumulated from experience accrued in building the world-renowned top-tier integrated steelworks of POSCO.

Comprehensively carrying out a series of projects ranging from project planning to design, construction and test operations, POSCO E&C is earning trust from clients in various sectors from steelmaking to environmental and energy plants, new town development, SOC projects and even high-rise building construction.

Furthermore, to open up new markets for future revenue streams, POSCO E&C is distinguishing itself in the field of material processing for rechargeable battery such as the lithium extraction and processing plants and nickel processing plants, as well as in the field of renewable energy projects including solar, wind and tidal power generation, spreading out to various regions of the world such as Southeast Asia, South America, and Middle East.

POSCO E&C will continue to evolve into the SMART PLAYER that leads the 21st century by deftly adapting to the rapidly changing business environment and enhancing technological competitiveness based on a corporate culture that deeply values human resources and technology.

Technical Experience in Steel Plants

POSCO E&C is only company who has successfully performed 3 integrated steel plant projects within the recent years, which are located in various countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Brazil. Experiences from the above projects enabled POSCO E&C to accumulate the most precise knowledge and profound experiences for integrated steel plant.

Furthermore, POSCO E&C is the only company in the world capable of constructing two Integrated Steel Plants at the same time, providing total solution from F/S to Operation & Maintenance of the plant. With 50 years of experience and know-how in the steel business area, POSCO E&C made the impossible possible.

Design Reflecting POSCO’s Operation Philosophy

POSCO E&C is sharing steel manufacturing history with POSCO, having its root from POSCO until separation as a subsidiary company of POSCO in 1994. After separation, POCO E&C has contributed to establish POSCO’s operation philosophy by closely cooperating with POSCO. Therefore, POSCO E&C is capable of delivering design having POSCO’s operation technology. This capability leads CSP, not only integrated steel plants but also small plants, to stable operation and successful quality of steel products.

POSCO E&C’s Engineering Capabilities

POSCO E&C’s engineering department retains approximately 2,500 highly proficient and experienced engineers from various fields, not only from Steel Plant but also from Energy, Civil & Environment and Architecture.

As an EPC contractor, POSCO E&C has a rich technical knowledge and experience regarding the design, manufacturing and supervision of erection and test runs for steel plant process. Since the year 1968, POSCO E&C has worked very closely with POSCO, developing Integrated Steel plant technology from Pohang Steel plant and Gwangyang Steel plant in Korea to CSP Integrated Steel plant in Brazil, with a capacity of 3.0 Mt/year. Detailed experience in Integrated Steel Plant project is as follows:

  • Pohang Integrated Steel plant in Korea (12.3 Mt/year)
  • Gwangyang Integrated Steel plant in Korea (23.0 Mt/year)
  • PT. KRAKATAU-POSCO Integrated Steel plant in Indonesia (3.0 Mt/year)
  • CSP Integrated Steel plant in Brazil (3.0 Mt/year)

With this experience, personnel of POSCO E&C has successfully achieved profound expertise in integrated steel plant process, from design to construction. Most of POSCO E&C’s project members including Key personnel, are the ones who have experienced in mega steel plant projects. These well-experienced personnel have been engaged in integrated steel plant project, especially engineering, from basic to detail design.

PEPCOM Solution

POSCO E&C has the advantage of accomplishing numerous projects successfully on time by providing “Total Engineering Solution” throughout 50 years of accumulated commissioning know-how, systematic technology development, and strategic collaboration with suppliers. Using these capabilities and acquired experience together with endeavoring to become a sole global Total Solution Provider that carries out projects in a comprehensive manner, POSOC E&C has established the Project Planning, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Operation & Maintenance system called PEPCOM. It also continues to secure essential capabilities for each process, including the development of independent designing ability. In addition, it will provide greater satisfaction and services to its customers around the world by further strengthening its core technologies and expertise. PEPCOM strategy of POSCO Group is like the followings: